HEK TPL 2000 D improves the erection of scaffolding

Livorno, Italy

The first HEK TPL 2000 D Transport Platform installed in Italy is used to speed up the erection time of scaffolding in an industrial plant.

Thanks to the excellent advice and collaboration from our partner in Tuscany, Betti Rent, the construction company Termisol Termica S.r.l. has chosen to adopt the brand new “HEK TPL 2000 D” as the ideal solution to speed up the erection of the traditional “tube and joint” scaffolding, satisfying the vertical transport needs, direct access to each floor and complete safety for the personnel.

The TPL 2000 D speed of 12 m/min, used as a transport platform and 24 m/min, as a material hoist, minimizes the time spent for the transport of personnel and materials to each floor, while a generous load capacity of 2000 kg and a platform area of 1,5 x 3,2m maximises load requirements.

The TPL 2000 D incorporates a safety device that engages in the event of the hoist overspeeding as well as an overload detection device that prevents the use of the platform in case of overloading giving the guarantee of safety and extending the platform’s operation.

Termisol Termica S.r.l. is one of the most significant engineering contractors, in the field of thermal and acoustic insulation, in Italy and abroad since 1950, carrying out over 10 millions square metres of insulation in industrial plants with the most updated technology and patented systems with quality certification system ISO 9001 since 1996, and environmental management system ISO 14001 since 2004. With this vast experience and technical knowledge, Termisol Termica S.r.l. works in the field of planning and assembly of metallic scaffolding, both in industrial and building construction.

Alimak Hek is the world’s leading supplier of rack and pinion vertical access solutions for people and materials in the construction industry.

As part of the ongoing program of development, Alimak Hek has strengthened its lightweight range with the new TPL 2000, 2000 D & 1800, personnel and material transport platform.

It's simple, flexible and robust design puts it ahead of its competitors and is suitable for all vertical access to buildings or scaffoldings, either for new constructions or refurbishments.

Transport platform details

Livorno, Italy
Industrial plant
HEK TPL 2000 D
2000 kg
Platform dimensions:
1.5 x 3.2 m
12-24 m/min
Lifting height:
72 m
No. of landing floors:
Transport Platform improves the erection of scaffolding


In un mondo in cui il tempo è denaro, noi ci assicuriamo che i clienti possano trasportare materiali e personale più in alto, in modo più veloce e più sicuro.


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